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Benefits of Blue Sapphire Gemstone (Demo)

Instant Impact:  Blue sapphire effects can be seen immediately after wearing it. May it be in the form of windfall gains, good luck, immense wealth or an opportunity knocking at your door! All this can happen within just a day to one month of the gemstone’s possession. But the impact will be experienced majorly if […]

Ceylon Natural Sinhalite (Demo)

Sinhalite is a borate mineral with formula MgAl(BO4). This Orthorhombic Crystal hardness​ is 6 1⁄2 – 7 according to the Mohs Hardness scale. This gemstone was first found in Sri Lanka in 1952. It was named from Sinhala – the Sanskrit name for Sri Lanka. This is also Biaxial (-) gemstone with Specific Gravity 3.475 […]

Natural Kornerupine rough (Demo)

Kornerupine is a rare boro-silicate mineral with the formula (Mg, Fe²⁺)₄(Al, Fe³⁺)₆(SiO₄, BO₄)₅(O, OH)₂. It has a specific gravity of 3.3 to 3.34 and Colours such as Colorless, white, grey, greenish, bluish, brown, black. Some Stones show strong Pleochroism such as colorless to green, colorless, pale brownish yellow, pale yellowish green, pale brownish green and green. The […]