Ceylon Saphhire Jewels cordially welcomes you

If you are looking for a natural gemstone or a gemstone mounted jewelry for your loved one, you are at the right place. We are suppliers of natural finishes gemstones and customized jewelry to the market. Our gemologists and professional staff ensure only genuine natural gems are released for sale. We do not sell artificial or substitute gems. Gems displayed on our website comes with certifications to assure authencity of gemstones. We are direct suppliers of finishes natural gems mainly from Sri Lanka (former Ceylon). Our sources are small scale gem mines found in the city of gems called Ratnapura in Sri Lanka. We have undisturbed natural gemstones finished to mount on jewels and, we have color enhanced natural gemstones. Our gemologists and gem technicians are talented in color enhancing of natural gemstones while our lapidary technicians are specialised in faceting and finishing to yield high quality products. We are committed to supply the best products to exceed our customer satisfaction. This includes but not limited to extraordinary quality, availability of varieties, competitive prices and reliable service.

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